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Designed with women in mind

Our tool line has the right fit, feel, and function.  Our tools were developed with women in mind - Your success is our goal

Latitude tools are tools for women who want do a project easily and safely. It’s easy to say “We make tools for women” if all you do is resize the grip, lighten the weight and color coordinate the handles. We worked with women in focus groups to see how and why they use the tools they use. What did they like about the tools they were using currently and how could we improve or design something better? The result is Latitude, a tool line with the right fit, feel and function.

The reality is that traditional hand tools are designed for men... from the size of their hands, to the length of their arms, to their relative strength and leverage. Despite all the talk of equality and female empowerment, traditional tool companies continue to overlook the simple fact that a woman’s physiology is different from that of a man and that women buy and use a lot of tools.

Our new proprietary tool design (weight, shape, and user fit) was specifically engineered around the unique build, strength and size of women. Our premium tools deliver superior ergonomics for women and yet make no performance sacrifices whatsoever. Our tools have been extensively tested among women and consequently will provide for a more productive, as well as safer, tool experience.

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